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8 Ball Games To Try in 2022

Have you ever wished you have done things in the past that could’ve made you more active? If you’ve been busy with other things besides sports, you should not worry because it’s never too late to learn.

Learning a new sport is a great way to start another step in your life where you can spend some time improving your health and social interaction. So, whatever your age is, you can gradually find the right sport for you by knowing the basics.

This article focuses on ball games because it’s easier to start something that requires some equipment.

In addition, ball games are popular around the world so it’s impossible not to know the premise of the games.

If you still don’t know what ball games you can play that don’t have any age requirements, then you should check the list below! 

8 Ball Games To Try in 2022

1. Football

If you’ve watched football games before, then you might already know how it goes especially if you’re a fan of the game. You may also have some classic football shirts that you’ve been keeping for years now.

If so, what made you skip all those years without learning how to play? Perhaps you thought you were not sporty or you were just too busy for a new hobby.

But now that you have ample time, you should at least try to play at least once a week to help you understand what your favorite players feel.

You don’t need to go all-out with the football kits and use what you can get. If you already have classic football shirts and shorts, you can just buy long socks, shoes and a ball.

Then, you can as a family member or a friend help you start your football journey!

2. Basketball

Everybody knows what basketball is, but does everyone know how to play it? Yes, it might just look simple with all the dribbling and shooting but the challenge lies beneath the team and the opponents.

If a team won’t cooperate, then they can’t have a solid strategy to get all the points they need. In addition, they might end up competing with each other since they’re not sure of what they’re going to do.

However, since you’re just beginning to learn the basics, you can just try shooting and dribbling while heading to the ring. If you want to practice shooting first, you can visit arcades or just play in your backyard.

3. Golf

Don’t worry, you’re not required to become a pro golfer and visit luxurious golf courses just like the elite people. You can simply play on a mini-golf course near you before you face the real deal.

Additionally, there are rental shops near golf courses where you can borrow tools until you’re sure about focusing on this hobby.

If you want to have more fun, you can ask your friends to join you in discovering the wonder of playing golf. Although its main goal is to get the ball into the hole, the rules are much more complicated than that.


4. Badminton

In badminton, you’ll be going to need someone to help you practice. Once you know the rules, you can apply them while playing. Don’t worry about being exhausted when playing because once you get used to it, you’ll be alright.

You can play this sport after working hours, or when you just want to do something during weekends.

Some of the things you need are comfortable clothes, a racket, a shuttlecock, and a pair of shoes. If you’re looking for a place to play, there are surely lots of local badminton courts in your area. However, you can also play at the park if you don’t have any other choice.

5. Volleyball

Beach volleyball, anyone? While you’re still planning to go on a trip, you can start by playing with your friends during the weekends. You don’t need to ask a lot of people to play with, and just 2-on-2 will be fine.

In the meantime, you can wear comfortable sports attire and secure your ball. Make sure that it has enough air so that your arm won’t hurt if you hit the ball.

You might be exhausted after your first game, and your body might ache but it’s all worth it.

6. Table tennis

Just hit the ball as long as you can. Since this sport requires a table, you’ll be restricted to playing on a 9ft by 5ft table using a paddle. The goal of this game is to score at least two points against your opponent.

Most people find table tennis easy to play because they won’t need to run to catch the ball. However, you still need to be fast to serve a good turn.

table games

7. Tennis

Tennis is another popular sport that you can play as a versus or doubles game. Your shoes, clothes, and a racket are the essentials in playing this game, just like any other racket ball sport.

Playing tennis can have complex benefits for your body. It’s a good exercise because you can run, jump, and swing young arms throughout the game. And as you need simple things to play, you won’t need to spend too much, and just find a good sport to play.

8. Baseball

It may look so simple to use a bat and a ball, but baseball can also be a little tricky. But given that it’ll be your first time, you can lessen the pressure on yourself while playing. If you want, you can practice with some machines that you can rent.

Before going to the field, you should’ve read the rules first so that you know what’s going on.

You can also watch games on tv or on your local baseball field to prepare yourself for things that might happen when it’s your turn.


Are you getting excited to play all of these sports? You can start by playing them one at a time, then choose the one you want to pursue.

If you think you know a sport well enough, try to learn the other, too. Don’t forget to share with us your favorite ball game by leaving a comment below!

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