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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

In today’s world, artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in almost every field. It has also spread its arms across digital marketing strategies.

The best website development company in India prefers using artificial intelligence more and more as it is an intelligent and flourishing tool that makes the marketer’s life easy.

To run a business successfully in this digital world, adapting to the latest trends is equally essential.

Considering the wave of AI in digital marketing has positively hit significant companies and has helped make business-customer relationships and productivity accessible. Let us see a few remarkable impacts that artificial intelligence has on digital marketing.

AI-based Content Creation Tools

The most significant advantage of using artificial intelligence in digital marketing is to save time. AI provides a practical and effective, and time saver content creation tool.

Such AI-based content creation tools analyze the content to provide efficient and shorter content. You must have also noticed how the sentence gets completed automatically while drafting emails, and it is nothing but the mere magic of AI. This helps digital marketers to work at a faster pace.

However, AI still is not able to write opinion-based articles, thus making it easier to differentiate between the writing of a human and an intelligent AI tool using machine learning systems and devices.

You must have seen a few articles over the internet mentioning that the content was generated by AI tools.

There are also a few global organizations in the field of media that have already adopted the journalism of bots. A few examples of the best content automation tools are Word AI, Quill, and Wordsmith.

These AI tools are indeed a bit expensive but are surely a boon to digital marketers as well as content writers. Not much time is left before even the website development company in India would start adopting such innovative AI tools.

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Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence

One of the ingenious inventions in modern world digital marketing is the chatbot. It is a tool that provides a thoughtful and personalized experience to the users by answering various open questions using artificial intelligence.

The incredible advantage of chatbots is that they can assist the user round the clock making it convenient for the users to use, and at the same time, they can successfully retain the data. The bots find the appropriate answers using machine learning hence helping to save a considerable amount of time on human resources.

In this rapidly moving and growing world, people can hardly afford to wait for anything. We all are used to getting an instant response and getting the work done in a jiffy.

That is where chatbots come into the frame as a winner because they have phenomenally reduced the bounce rates. Chatbots have also helped in increasing the chances of gaining potential leads in the business.

These chatbots are usually an excellent choice for companies in the e-commerce niche. An example of a chatbot would be Facebook Messenger bots. These bots are trained using machine learning to talk directly with the users or customers. These bots are widely known as customer interaction bots.

Voice Search

In the world of digital marketing, there has been a significant shift in search results. The voice search capabilities have almost taken the digital marketers by storm. Considering a few analytics, these days, nearly 50% of the search results are contributed by mobile devices.

This drastic shift has been observed because it is as simple as just asking your device what you need to know about, and you get an instant solution. Millennials are genuinely in love with the voice search feature, and the most remarkable feature of voice search is that it is available in various languages.

The RankBrain by Google provides accurate results for voice searches. It interprets the voice of the user using AI to achieve the goal.

As the technology advanced over the past few years, the error rate in voice detection and recognition has gradually reduced; this has helped voice search become a faster and better searching tool than typing on a keyboard.

Various applications such as Google Home, Cortana by Microsoft, Echo by Amazon, and Siri by Apple have made it even easier to perform searches. If the voice search is used correctly, it can help brands to get immense recognition. The website development company in India can help and suggest brands use such AI-based tools to grow their business.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Advertising

Undoubtedly, AI has the ability to provide excellent returns on the amount you invest in ads. Using AI in digital advertising will help you discover potential customers and convert them into leads for your business.

The process would not just be time-saving but will also reduce the investment in human resources.

When used rightly, it can also help companies to proliferate. Using AI in digital advertising will also help in analyzing interests, demographics and targeting the right audience.

Various platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn ads use AI and ML to get the desired results from the user for their customers.

Bottom Line

It is pretty evident from the experiences of current innovations and their uses that Artificial Intelligence has significant uses in digital marketing. It has turned out to be a great resource saver and a brand booster!


Q: How will AI impact digital marketing?

A: The need for streamlined and automated tools to achieve the desired digital marketing goals makes AI crucial. AI will tremendously help improve the customer experience.

Q: How is artificial intelligence used in digital marketing?

A: Various digital marketing strategies and the use of AI have revolutionized the user experience. AI is widely used in searches, content creation, digital ads, email marketing, chatbots, etc.

Q: How is AI artificial intelligence changing the digital marketing game?

A: The ability of AI to predict and analyze has helped various brands to gain tremendous recognition in the digital era. Optimizing and streamlining digital campaigns is one of the enormous game-changer capabilities of AI.

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