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Top 15 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and IOS

The foundation of the industry has been laid by mobile applications. Science and technology have paved the way for artificial intelligence apps. Application Development using game-changing Artificial Intelligence has seen significant growth in this market.

AI technology has helped bridge the gap between humans, machines, and AI. AI applications are now available in all areas.

Although AI is the topic of conversation in the mobile industry today, SIRI and OK Google aren’t new terms to mobile phone users. These virtual assisting apps simplify users’ lives by allowing them to read emails, shop online, and make phone calls.

However, AI implementation isn’t limited to voice command apps. It has surpassed the realm of imagination.

After discussing the importance of AI, let’s see how the AI app on Android has stunned the market.

Top 13 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android


cortona app android

It’s a Microsoft personal assistant artificial intelligence app. It can perform tasks for you without touching your phone. Cortana can handle everything, from setting reminders to keeping notes, sending emails, and even setting reminders.

Using the sync feature, you can simultaneously manage your smartphone and computer. It is possible to receive notifications on your smartphone or PC.


  • Reminders can be sent based on people, places, and time
  • Tracking teams, interests, flights, and other information can be done quickly.
  • You can send and receive emails, make calls and send texts
  • You can never miss anything by making sure your calendar is up-to-date.
  • Listen to music, podcasts, and radio stations.
  • Chat while you play games without having to leave the game screen
  • Locate facts, files, locations, and other information
  • Any app you have on your system can be opened

Price: Download Free

App Install Link Mictrosoft Cortona

Google Assistant

google assistant

Another AI app for Android is a great instant messaging app.

Allo’s virtual assistant goes beyond basic tasks, such as. It stands out from other messaging apps with its doodles and googles assistant.

Intelligent recognition of your style allows you to reply quickly to messages or emails without moving a finger.


  • You can play music with your voice command
  • Texts, calls, and emails are free of charge.
  • Quick navigation and local information
  • Use your voice to search the internet
  • Get notified by setting reminders

Price: Download Free

App Install: Google Assistant Play store


hond AI app

It is the best Artificial Intelligence App on Android for voice command. Hound works in the same way as google voice search. It responds to “Ok Hound” and executes any command.

The voice assistant application combines language understanding and speech recognition into one action. Hound can do it all, from weather forecasts to booking cabs and finding nearby restaurants to performing calculations.


  • Speech-to-text technology
  • Quick and accurate assistance
  • Hotel bookings are made easy with integrated Expedia support
  • Find, search and play music
  • You can text, call and navigate hands-free.

Price: Download Free

App Install link: Google Play  – Apple Apps


Siri Ai

Siri is built on voice inquiries and provides an intuitive user experience. Siri, an AI-powered voice assistant, can call you, text messages, text, respond to questions, and provide recommendations. Siri learns from the language of its users’ usage, questions, and expectations as time passes.


  • Make calls and send/read texts.
  • Incoming call notification
  • Read my last massage
  • Split a check or calculate a tip.
  • Daily activities Reminder
  • Play music (specific songs, artists, genres, playlists)
  • Recognize songs, run song info like artist and release date.

Price: Free

App link: Siri App



fyle app

Fyle is an AI-powered expense tracking application that is available on PC, Android, and iOS. Fyle is a major player in the field of smart expense accounting.

The company has announced direct connectivity to Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

Fyle is used by firms such as Royal Enfield and Communicorp because it has useful features, such as extracting data in real-time, using it to track operating expenses, tracking business cards in real-time decision-making evaluations, the process for compliance in business and travel enhancements research, travel requests and integration with major transport management, HRMS ERP and accounting software.

Price: Free

App link: Google PlayApple Apps


elsa ai app

English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA) is one of the most downloaded apps for Android that makes learning enjoyable. This language learning app helps users learn English and improve their pronunciation to make their spoken English fluent.

This artificial intelligence app allows users to track their progress and generate progress reports. ELSA coaches you for free, whether it’s the whole teaching material or just the pronunciation of certain words.


  • Auto-generated curriculum customized based on your language
  • More than 2000 words in English correctly pronounced
  • Instant feedback on all sounds you make
  • Common idioms

Price: Download Free

App install: Google Play Apple Apps


robin AI app

Robin makes virtual assistance more fun and valuable. Another artificial intelligence app for Android works perfectly even when you’re behind the wheel.

It is easy to use and responds quickly to voice commands, superior to other apps. The voice assistant app can perform a variety of tasks, including text messaging, calls, setting reminders, GPS navigation, and more.


  • Integrated with Google, Office 365, and Exchange
  • Browser plugins
  • Customizable designs
  • Control of group access
  • Receive updates about traffic, weather, local news, and trending stories
  • Access to shared calendars is easy
  • Information on weekly usage reports, peak hours, space usage, and more
  • Remote device management
  • Meeting schedule management

Price: Download Free

App link: Google PlayApple Apps



Google recently announced it had purchased Socratic which is an AI-enabled program that helps children with arithmetic as well as other assignments.

Students will make use of their phones to take pictures and Socratic will use the AI tools to give visual examples of the concepts they must master.

Socratic can be described as a text – and voice-processing program which can aid students in learning about physics as well as math, art social sciences as well as other disciplines.

It is accessible on tablets like the iPad and is also available for Android as well as iOS. Users only need to snap an image of their task to get help from this application, which will give them relevant suggestions that they can use to resolve issues swiftly.

Please take a picture of your homework and upload it to the app.


  • Videos and step-by-step explanations for all the questions
  • Includes Algebra and Geometry, and Trigonometry. Biology, Chemistry, Physics. History.

Price: Download Free

App install Link: Google PlayApple Apps



Mobile app development allows you to make AI friends.

It is one of the most downloaded apps on Android. Users can create their own chatbot AI companion.

Replika is a great friend for those times when your friends are too busy to chat with you or go out together. Replika allows you to have fun and calm your anxiety.


  • You can make your friend.
  • You can make any relationship you like, such as a friend or companion, and create a trusting one.

Free Download – Prices

App Install link: Play Store Apple Apps 


databot ai app

Do you want a robot in your pocket, or would you rather have a human? The Databot is a mobile app developed by developers.

It’s an artificial intelligence app, one step ahead of virtual assistance. It is more like a virtual robot that allows users to talk and ask questions.

This app is not like Siri or Google voice search. It can solve riddles and tell jokes.


  • Use voice commands, text, and images to create customized multimedia presentations.
  • Users can share their answers via SMS, email, and other means.
  • You can customize your language, voice, or behavior.
  • This intelligent AI is just like humans. It continues to evolve with each experience.
  • Summarising pages that contain your answer, details related to it, and other materials are created.
  • It can store notes and reminders, set alarms, find your contacts, and search them.
  • Quick subject identification allows you to return to your question quickly
  • Databot is available in English and Spanish and French, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Price: Free download with optional in-app purchases

App link: Google Play Apple Apps


Facebook developed this app with AI technology to improve photo editing.

This app is much more than a photo editor. Using this app, users can change their appearance, gender, hairstyle, and many other fun things.

You can make your face smile using its smile editing feature.


  • There are many options for your hairstyle, mustache, or beard.
  • Simple tap to replace the background
  • For more fun, you can change your gender and age
  • You can also try color filters and lens blur.

Price: No cost download, with optional in-app purchases.

Lyra Virtual Assistance

It’s a simple yet interactive virtual assistance app. Lyra’s natural interaction and personal opinion make it stand out from other voice-command assisting apps. This app responds quickly to any command and can complete any task.

It can also translate words and phrases quickly and accurately. It can be used while you’re moving or still holding your phone.


  • You can entertain yourself by telling jokes or watching YouTube videos
  • Ability to open maps and give directions
  • Keep track of your diary, make notes, and set alarms.
  • Search, call or message your contacts
  • Get the weather forecast
  • You can search the internet

Price: Download Free

Amazon Alexa

amazon alexa

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is artificial intelligence. The advanced AI voice assistant Alexa allows users to play music and create shopping lists.

This is a simple device that is widely used. It is available now as an app in the google AppStore for Android smartphones. This app allows users to set up Alexa-enabled devices.

Smart AI technology increases its memory by using more consistent usage, such as voice recognition, vocabulary, etc.


  • Manage your devices easily
  • Use compatible echo devices to connect
  • Multi-room music, when combined with echo devices
  • Take stock of what you’ve left behind, whether it be a shopping list, books, or recently played music.

Price: Download Free

App link: Amazon storeGoogle PlayApple Apps  

SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft has created an artificially intelligent typing assistant to “type less, make more.” Microsoft has developed an AI keyboard app that can accommodate different font styles, colors, themes, and other visually appealing features.

You can use swipe-to-type, touch-to-type, predictive emoji, and a GIF keyboard. Prediction and auto-correct make typing fast and easy.


  • Multilingual and custom keyboards
  • Text error-free with AI-powered predictions and autocorrect
  • More than 300 languages supported
  • Emoji keyboard featuring fun GIFs, emojis, and stickers

Price: Download Free

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