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An Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Applicant Tracker Software

The modern-day recruiting environment may seem difficult to navigate when you are looking for different ways to boost your organization’s hiring effectiveness.

However, one job post can attract hundreds and thousands of applications, making efficiency a key concern for organizations even with the use of any average applicant tracker software.

To automate the entire hiring process and increase the HR managers’ productivity, many establishments have switched to modern and more sophisticated applicant tracking software.

However, choosing the wrong recruiting software can push away qualified candidates instead of drawing them in.

And that’s the purpose of this article. We are looking to highlight the top applicant tracking comparison tips to find and hire the most suitable candidates for your open positions.

  • Check for Reporting and Analytics

You have to know which sources are bringing the best candidate referrals. Plus, you should have other reports within your hands’ reach, like the timeframe needed to fill open positions in the last year.

This is what reporting and analytics are for. Having access to a comprehensive applicant tracker software with insightful reporting and detailed analytics lets you check where your recruiting efforts are working. It also highlights any weak links in the entire process.

  • Don’t Look Back, Look Ahead When Looking at Reviews of the ATS

Legacy systems and outdated software may be costing your organization many deserving candidates. This is often due to inefficiencies, errors, lack of integration, maintenance costs, and more reasons.

Instead of choosing a very old system in a hurry, have the diligence to make the decision through a thorough applicant tracking software comparison. Look towards a modern and sophisticated ATS built for the cloud instead of outdated technology. This can hinder your recruiting efforts.

  • Your Organizational Needs and Functionality

Integrating a solution with more functionality than what you need or not enough features can both be problematic affairs.

Detailed knowledge of the applicant tracking software is what you need to choose the right option with the features and functionality your company needs right out of the box.

It is crucial to ask each vendor about all the standard features and even the customizable options, just in case you upgrade your requirement in the future.

It is important to have meetings and discussions to discuss the features your organization needs. Then comes the option to shortlist the software solutions that suit the needs perfectly.

  • Look for Simplicity and Ease of Use

An intuitive and user-friendly experience is what you should look for in an ATS. Software solutions that are difficult to learn and use will have higher learning curves.

This can prove to be less efficient than handling a manual process or old and dated technology. Moreover, your entire employees should not have any problems using the software even after a bare minimum of training. This will save you time, money, and even resources.

  • Flexibility and Customizability Are Two Important Aspects to Consider

Your organization’s requirements in terms of features can change as it grows and expands. Choosing a fully customizable and flexible platform equips your hiring managers with the features they need while providing benefits.

So, you have to make sure that every facet of the recruitment platform is completely configurable and has supported your business processes with minimal hassle or interruption.

  • Do the Necessary Research on Shortlisted Options

Research is necessary, and this should be something your vendor is willing to do for you. Will the vendor perform the analysis for you?

Before making a final decision or investing money in any software, you can request past case studies or reviews. This will give you a detailed idea of how the software has performed among its buyers.

Also, you can ask the vendor for an applicant tracking feature comparison. This comparison can give you an idea of a solution’s features, pricing, customer reviews, and other essential details before committing.

You can then contact the preferred provider and have them customize the best possible solution based on your business needs. This can even be a pre-trial discussion.

  • Distribute over Multiple Channels and Portals

At the time of comparing an applicant tracker software, choosing an option that supports job distribution across multiple channels and job portals is essential. Job distribution gives recruiters the ability to share jobs with multiple job portals.

So, it’s important to post about open positions using as many channels as possible. This will ensure the job post reaches all the top talents.

Also, it will minimize your time investment, improve your recruitment results, and reduce the overall cost.

  • Having a Mirrored Brand Career Site

Most applicants these days are Internet-savvy than in the past. Most of them are accustomed to visiting a company’s website and clicking the ‘Careers’ link in order to apply for an open position without realizing they are no longer on the same website.

That’s the same experience your ‘careers’ page should offer. A well-polished career site should mirror your company’s website, making it a simple-yet-powerful addition to your organizational hiring toolkit.

  • Look for Social Media Integration

Recruitment through social media is becoming a regular affair in this competitive job market. Integrating with various social media channels seamlessly allows applicants to apply for job openings anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices.

In addition, social media integration allows organizations to send job alerts to qualified candidates easily. This speeds up the tedious process of finding available talent by a good margin.

  • Look for the Right Fit for Your Organization

A good application tracking tool should have automated screening algorithms that can indicate which applicants meet your minimum qualifications.

This can save hiring managers and recruiters their precious time and can focus on other important tasks.

As a result, applicant tracking software is slowly becoming the standard in identifying and engaging with top-notch candidates.

The Ending Note

Making the most suitable and perfect decision at the time of choosing recruitment software requires a great deal of research.

It will also cost your organization significant effort in industry knowledge. However, the tips that we have talked about should give you a clearer picture of how to go about it.

Omind Technologies is one such provider of applicant tracker and employee management software with multiple modules and categories under one system. This gives a great deal of flexibility too.

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