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How to determine if your air conditioner is broken: Top warning signs?

Air conditioning issues can come at any time, but most of the time, it occurs at the most inconvenient time. That means it is during an extremely balmy day, and you feel like the use of AC when it cannot offer chilled air.

AC is indeed used, or essential for the family’s comfort and health. That’s why most people go for regular maintenance.

But many people who are planning to buy an AC are confused about which one is the best for our home. So, the below chart will clear all your confusion.

Comparison table

AC Parameters  Split Ac Window AC Portable AC
Suitable For  Any Room Small Room Good for the room that has a window
Noise Its sound is very low only can feel It sounds a bit louder This window makes more noise than AC
Capacity Range 9,600 BTU to 24,000 BTU 6,000 BTU to 24,000 BTU 5,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU
Advance Features Humidity control, dust filter, Bacteria filter, Wi-Fi connectivity, Auto Clean, etc Humidity control, dust filter Humidity control, dust filter, Bacteria filter, etc
Ease Of Installation It requires more effort to mount indoor and outdoor units It requires minimal effort It requires a little effort from you. The hot air exits through the tube.


Now the question arises how do you know your air conditioner is not working properly?

Most of the time, your air conditioner starts giving signs of problems before it broke down. But most of us don’t understand those signs thinking that it’s due to electricity fluctuation and ignore them.

So, if you want to save your money and prevent the frustration of full system breakage, let’s dive deep into the top signs that indicate your AC is broken.

Let’s start: –

Moisture near your system

If you notice moisture near your air conditioner, then there is surely something wrong with your AC. Most of the time, this is just a minor issue as a drain tube that channels the condensation away from the AC.

However, it does not say emergency, but you have to avoid such a situation without mold growth.

Moreover, this moisture also indicates a refrigerant leak, which is undoubtedly a serious problem. So, address this problem quickly by calling the best AC repair in Los Angeles.

Warm air

When you turn on an AC, and you feel warm air coming out of your home’s vents, surely check the thermostat.

In the thermostat, check it is switched to cooling mode, and then set it lower than your home’s current temperature. If this does not solve the problem, there can be restricted air flow or compressor problems.

So, don’t attempt DIY fixes and contact the best AC repair in Los Angeles.

Strange sounds

If your air conditioner is giving squealing, grating, grinding sounds, then there are chances you need to replace your unit. All these sounds indicate that something is wrong inside the unit.

The squealing noise means that the belt has slipped out of place. Apart from that, it also indicates that the metal component in your AC needs more lubrication. However, a grinding sound means that the motor’s bearing is broken.

Utility bills have risen a lot.

If you are getting high utility bills, it doesn’t always mean that your system is operating inefficiently. But if you notice an abnormally high spike in bills, it’s a matter of concern.

Now check whether your electricity company has raised the price or is using more energy. If both are not there, you want AC to repair in Los Angeles as the professional will check your AC unit and tell you what the issues with AC are.

Frequent cycles

Your air conditioner will indeed go through relatively routine cooling cycles, no matter which season is going on. But if you talk about hot days, you will turn on your air conditioner more frequently, because of which the cycle will turn on and off constantly.

But if you notice a quick or frequent cycle, it becomes mandatory to call the best AC repair in Los Angeles. However, a quick tune-up can resolve the problem, but if not professional is required to tell whether it is a signal of replacement of your AC or not.

Water leaks

Your AC relies on refrigerant to cool your home or your room, and it may produce condensation while operating. While condensation, neither of these liquids should accumulate or leak into your home.

But if you are noticing pooled water or active water leak around your system, then it is a warning sign that your system is not running properly.

In this situation, don’t wait to call an air conditioning service provider, as leaks can damage your home by causing severe structural issues.

Bad odors

When your air conditioner is on and you smell unpleasant odors you have to deal with it before it becomes smellier. For this, you want AC to repair in Los Angeles as they will tell whether your system needs a quick tune-up or needs to be cleaned completely. Sometimes these issues also require more high-tech solutions.

For example, ultraviolet lamps will do wonders to eliminate persistent microbial growth in your system. Apart from that, duct cleaning can also address odor problems.

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A life span is over

If your air conditioner unit is ten years old, then you will be thankful that it lasted for such a long time, but start shopping for a new unit. Most air conditioners generally last not more than a decade.

All of the above signs are useful reminders that your AC needs to be replaced. But in some cases, the repair is not worth replacing it to make your family members comfortable from the scorching heat.

The bottom line

These are some of the top signs that indicate your AC is broken and you want AC repair in Los Angeles. However, the reason for calling a technician to repair Ac is important because they are experienced, skilled, and qualified in this field and can tell exactly which part needs to be replaced or you have to buy a new one.

But while contacting any technicians for repairing, make sure you must their experience and credentials thinking that you are giving your AC in the right hands.

I hope you liked this post on top warning signs of AC that indicates it is broken and needs an expert to repair!



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