Some of you may recognize this condition with the name Facet Joint Syndrome or even Arthritis. This is one of the most painful conditions that one has to undergo in old age or maybe even earlier in some cases.

Arthritis has become an incredibly common condition in this generation, and that is all the more reason for there to be a perfect cure for it.

After a certain point, the joints of your body may undergo some changes that may or may not be good for your body (it’s usually the latter.) That is a condition that needs to be cured before it’s too late to do anything.

Being in this condition mainly causes severe (sometimes unbearable) neck pain and backaches. You often see many older adults complaining about their backaches. Some of them could be undergoing this situation, or it could just be their cells degenerating from time to time. The only way you can be sure of it is by going to a doctor.

Nowadays, people make visits to doctors sound like something that is out of the law, but a visit to a good doctor is needed often, especially when you are growing old. Because you may never know if there is some serious issue with your body, and when it comes to these things, it’s always better to get it treated sooner rather than later.

The pain that you feel in this condition is usually because of the inflammation of cartilage inside the facet joint. But of course, with advancing technology, this is not a condition that can not be treated.

But when do you know for sure that you have facet joint disease? You will know for sure when you start feeling pain from more than one facet joint. Now you may ask where the facet joints are located for you to crack this code. They are located between each vertebra in your spine, and they need to be looked after with utmost care.

Symptoms of Facet Joint Disease

 The symptoms of facet joint syndrome could be slim to none until a certain event occurs, which leads you to apply a lot of pressure to your spine or any other area around it. It’s not the event that caused the condition, and it’s just the event that triggered the condition and reminded you of visiting a doctor and getting it treated soon. The pain could be confusing at times, it usually