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9kmovies | Best movies with spooky vibes

When the Predator lands on Earth, he accidentally encounters military sniper McKenna (Boyd Holbrook). Oh, no! But he survives.

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The government discovers him, and on the way to silencing him forever, he accidentally becomes the leader of other wounded soldiers, including Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, and Thomas Jane. Make no mistake.

The kidnapper wants them back

Scientist Casey (Olivia Munn) joins them to balance their testosterone levels. Meanwhile, McKenna’s son Rory (Jacob Tremblay), who is super-intelligent and suffers from developmental syndrome, wears a predator mask and Halloween gloves. The kidnapper wants them back.

And Trager (Stirling K. Brown), the government’s head of alien research, wants him back too. Let the action begin. The movie is pretty simple, but don’t mistake simple for silly. It’s elementary because it has an unambiguous purpose: to entertain every second. To achieve this goal, a lot is going on beneath the surface.

The beginning is a kind of bounce because we don’t get it

The plot is quite complex for its time. The beginning is kind of jumpy because we don’t get to know the characters until the plot takes a turn. The exposition is postponed to a later time when the ball is in motion.

So it doesn’t matter that it takes time to explain and build up the characters. Like a wave, it has its character. You know it’s a character because it’s the first one shown, not because the script, the frame, or the music says so.

Or you know he’s a character because important, shouty people come up to him and immediately ask for his help. That’s when the scene happens. The elements of the story are working.

The kind of gender it should be

Then comes the next scene. And so on. Any ordinary action movie can do in 30 minutes what this movie does in 20 – you just have to know what the grain is and how to cut it effectively.

It’s a little disturbing, but not in the way the genre should be. You could say the film hasn’t even started yet, but by the time we get to the epicenter of events, everything is in full swing.

We’re forced to use our common sense as we learn new information and have to be wary of constant teasing. It’s quite simple, but exciting despite its ‘simplicity. Oh, and this teaser.

This pacing is a masterpiece of film plot and action

On paper, it’s silly and funny to the point of being disgusting, but thanks to the actors, the very quick cuts, and the light, over-the-top approach, it’s not only entertaining, not painful but sometimes even funny.

And we don’t have to pay attention during the joke; it stays sharp and poignant as we move on to the next joke.

This pacing is a marvel of the film’s plot and action, because it doesn’t let boredom set in, but it’s also one of the film’s biggest drawbacks because there aren’t enough slow moments that last long enough. There are slow moments in the development of the characters, but not as much as I would have liked.

The anticipation only lasts until new information is revealed about a character. As someone who doesn’t mind the plot being sacrificed for the sake of the characters, I wouldn’t mind more trouble between McKenna and his son and ex-wife (Yvonne Strahovski).

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The main character, Sterling Brown

I would have preferred to see her as Casey’s heroine. Casey turned out to be a female character. The other ex-servicemen are mostly redshirts who are quirky and funny, although three of them are over the hill.

They’re a well-defined, large group, but easy to follow, and when a character comes into play, it works well, and I wanted more. The main character, Stirling K.

Brown, was as he should be: super cool. But of course, McKenna was my favorite. I had just discovered this film when Logan introduced me to Boyd Holbrook, and I was not disappointed a year later.

He’s almost just an action hero, but he handles the story like a pro and brings a sense of pace and fun action scenes to the drama.

 The fighting and shouting

I even managed to pick up a few themes I hadn’t expected amidst the fighting and shouting. One of them, which takes place as close to the front as the plot allows, concerns the fact that people we consider to be damaged in some way have a unique value.

And the other almost contradicts the narrative, but instead, they work together. The heroes are not necessarily the ones who are considered important. The predator sees things in black and white.

Facts without facts. But you can’t take into account the human spirit and determination that love can bring. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but it has come to my attention, so I take it into account. There are also a lot of odd details in the play that I liked because they subvert convention.

The same is true of the scene with the plane

At one point, someone hits someone else with a chair, but the chair doesn’t break. The chair always breaks, but not here. The same goes for the scene with the ship and the force field.

When has the logistics of this kind of technology ever been studied? But it was done, and it was used with impressive results. This scene is a perfect example of the whole film.

You know what to do, but you don’t know-how. The way it’s done is creative, but it doesn’t require a quick explanation, and it works excitingly.

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest weakness is the pacing. It was like walking on hot pavement without shoes. You’d like to slow down to smell the metaphorical roses, but you can’t, and because running is against the rules, you continue at this relentless but steady pace.

A movie I’m happy to see

There are places where they could have slowed down to create tension, structure, and character. However, this is the kind of film that I’m happy to watch a second time, and even now I don’t bother watching it again. I would venture to say that the pace is deliberate and the result worth the sacrifice.

You can check themoviesflix and search for your favorite movies of all time. There are also some clumsy edits, which, combined with the fast pace, sometimes confuse the plot and make it difficult to understand where the characters are.

I know that this film is not excellent. At least not in the usual sense of the word. But it has tried a few things, and I can say that these experiments have worked.

The purpose was to provide entertainment and fun

Sometimes it feels like everything was put together arbitrarily, but you can see that it wasn’t arbitrary. There is real work and purpose behind it, it just looks different. And the fact that there is nothing out of the ordinary in the films is not an indictment of the genre.

It’s an action movie with aliens, so the goal was not to provide an exceptional cinematic experience. The aim was to provide fun and entertainment in a new and unique way, and we succeeded completely.

So if in the future I want a unique, extremely fun, and crazy sci-fi monster movie experience, I know exactly what movie to look for.

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