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8 Foods to Try in the Glarus

The canton of Glarus contains the tiniest Swiss capital, also named Glarus (population: approximately 12,000, which includes the townships of Ennenda, Netstal, and Riedern). It’s one of just two places in Switzerland where people still gather in a public plaza to cast ballots by raising cards over their heads (the other one takes place in the canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden). Do you know Glarus is home to the tallest peak in Eastern Switzerland? The highest point of the Tödi is 3,614 metres. Furthermore, Glarus, a Swiss canton, is known for various culinary delicacies, such as a little green cheese and a sugar scented with sandalwood. The journey to Glarus wouldn’t be complete without sampling the region’s top eight culinary offerings mentioned in this article. 


Ankenzelte (sometimes spelled Anggenzelten) is a type of German pastry that has been around since the middle of the 19th century. They are flat, circular, and made with yeast. This hefty but fluffy pastry is topped with spiced sugar. See item #10 below for a description of the Magenträs topping on the one I bought at Bäckerei Gabriel. Rounded up with spiced sugar, yeast, and raisins, Ankenzelte is a delicious pastry.

Drusen Zelte

The Drusen Zelte is another variation on the “zelte,” the local dialect word for these flat pastries. Although it, like the Ankenzelte, contains raisins, its dry, crumbly texture sets it apart. Historically, “drusen,” a byproduct of butter production, was used in this pastry. I’ve noticed that bakers like Cornetto in Glarus only use butter these days to produce a pastry that tastes like a giant raisin cookie. In the vein of a large raisin cookie, Drusenzelte is a delicious treat.

Glarner Alpenbitter

Other Swiss cantons produce alpen bitters, a type of herbal liqueur, but Glarus is famed for its unique Glarner Alpenbitter. Production of the Glarner Alpenbitter, which had ceased in 1975, was restarted not long ago. I enjoy a tiny glass of it over ice, since its blend of spices includes cardamom, gentian, caraway, anise, and more.

Glarner and Birnbrot

Birnbrot, the ubiquitous pear bread found across Switzerland, has its local iteration in Glarus and those found in Graubünden, Toggenburg, and elsewhere. The Glarner Birnbrot is similar to these other pieces of bread in that it, too, is filled with a mixture of dried pears, candied citrus peels, figs, raisins, walnuts, and spices. It was wrapping the filling with a yeasted butter dough. Small differences, such as in the spice ratio, may separate the Glarner Birnbrot from similar products. The fruit is often cooked together, as it is for the Toggenburg Birnbrot, but in Graubünden, it is typically kept overnight in a brandy bath to soften.

Glarner Alpkäse

As could be expected, this canton in Switzerland produces its unique brand of alpine cheese. Glarner Alpkäse becomes a full-fat, semi-hard cheese when made with raw cow’s milk. In 2013, it was recognized as an AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée). This unique mark is only given to products that meet strict criteria, such as being raised on summer alpine pastures between May 1 and September 30.

German-style sausages are known as “Glarners.”

The Glarner Kalberwurst is a famous sausage produced in Glarus that has been recognised as an IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) product since 2011. This bread is included in the veal sausage’s recipe, making it similar to the St. Galler Bratwurst. This sausage in a butter sauce with onions is a staple for the people of Glarus to enjoy after the Landsgemeinde. Glarner Chämi-Salami is a popular choice among dry sausages in Glarus. This smoked salami made from beef and pork originally appeared in the 1960s. The salami has been out of production since 1995, but is now available again. Glarner Chämi-Salami is the dried sausage on the right.

A Glarner Pastete

While the Pithiviers, a Three Kings’ Cake popular in French-speaking Switzerland, maybe a distant relative, the Glarner Pastete can only be found in Glarus. On one side of the Glarner puff pastry cake is almond filling, while the other is dried plums. The flower-shaped cake is typically adorned with the canton’s insignia, which depicts Saint Fridolin with a staff and a bible. Helvetic Kitchen offers an article for you if you want to read up about Fridolin or make your own Glarner Pastete.


Glarner is a little cylindrical cheese that is highly aromatic and pale green in colour. Schabziger, not to be confused with ziger, obtains its distinctive blue hue from fenugreek. Initial manufacture of this cheese began in Switzerland in the 15th century. Glarner Hörnli mit Apfelmus, or Schabziger hörnli as it’s more often known, is a Swiss dish that’s similar to macaroni and cheese that’s a favourite among Schabziger.

Key Points to remember while traveling to Glarus

  • Health Insurance is mandatory in Switzerland’s all of the cantons even if you are tourist. If you are concerned about Health Insurance, you must know that you can buy health insurance online from PrimApp – Health Insurance Comparison in Switzerland. However, To get the right price and know which health insurance will be suitable in Glarus for your needs, you can use a health insurance comparison tool.
  • Switzerland offers the friendliest loan offers ranging from 4.4% interest rate only. Thus, you can use Tiptop – Credit Comparison in Switzerland to get the best offer even if you are a tourist. It is always a good practice to compare offers from any personal loan provider in Switzerland.
  • Most Swiss citizens value their privacy and expect others to respect it. It doesn’t stop them from enjoying themselves, though! Be sensitive to local customs during your time there to avoid offending locals.
  • The lakes in Glarus are a beautiful addition to the environment, and the swans swimming in them provide an extra touch of charm to the area. However, if you bother one of these gentle beasts, you should know that it can crush your bones with its wings. So, appreciate their attractiveness, but keep a safe distance.


In conclusion, Glarus is amongst the best places to visit in Switzerland. Food to scenery, everything is exceptional and worth it there. This article mentions the important points and eight kinds of best foods that you must try in Glarus. 

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