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2022 Writing Competition for Students – How to Win Prizes?

Every year many college and university students take part in different writing competitions. Every participant aims to win the competition. For this, they try hard and come up with the best piece of writing as per themselves. Then what is the reason that only one or two win the prize?

The reason is that your content must be good for judges too. Otherwise, it does not matter what you have added to your writing. You have to make your writing eye-catching for judges.

To ensure eye-catching content, you have many ways. One of them is to pick up the flaws of your writing. You can do this by yourself. For this, you have to spend a long time and effort.

And there is another short way for this. Ph.D. dissertation writing service at Academic Papers has teams of experts for every field. You can ask these experts for writing samples or the best piece of advice.

Let’s discuss how you can meet the merits of judges.

9 Tips for How to Mistakes Avoid in Writing Competition?

In a writing competition, not only one judge evaluates your writing. But a proper panel goes through it. Many times they note the same mistake in most of the writing.

This happens in the initial rounds. But in the final round, it is genuinely a difficult task for judges to spate one as a winner. You can make your writing amazing from the initial round to the final one by following some tips.

1.     Theme of the Writing

In a writing competition, you must be given by some theme. Whatever you start writing, it must be relevant to the given theme. In writing guidelines, you may see some rules. One of the rules is to follow the theme. If you have not ensured a theme in your writing, it comes under disobeying the competition rule.

Then it does not matter what you have written over there. It can be the best version of the story. But judges would consider it.

And you will be out of the competition in the very first round of judgment. So, while writing, you need to ensure that you are in the right direction. Following the theme makes your writing one-directional. And the judge would not get confused by it.

2.     Real Life Story

Whatever is the topic of writing, add a relevant story to it. Do not think that you can only add stories on non-technical topics. But you can add a story to any topic. It just needs to be handled in a good way. Try to add some real-life stories to your writing.

This way, you can attract the attention of judges. It plays an important role in engaging the judges. But, being careful adding a story does not mean you can add anything. Keep two aspects of the story in your mind. First of all, it must be relevant to the topic.

And secondly, it must be a logical one. You can use some piece of the story from history. But it can be a little tricky to handle it in the limited word count. So, be sure that story is not too long. You need to add a bite-sized interesting story to your writing.

3.     Clarity in Writing

While writing stories and other parts of writing, you have to ensure clarity of ideas. It should not be confusing at all. Wherever the judge feels confused, he will lose interest in reading. Confusion creates a big barrier on the way. Especially in the case of real-life stories, you may have different characters. And every character will have a particular role.

So, it would help if you made it clear within the specified word count. While introducing a new element or character, everything must be clear. If you want to plot any twist, that is fine. But you must know who to make it curious rather than confusing.

It is better to ask someone to read your content before submission. Ph.D. dissertation writing service at Academic Papers can be the best option for you. You can affordably get the service.

4.     Hook Sentence in Each Paragraph

Hook sentences in each paragraph make it powerful. You can use it in a surprising way as well as in an impressive way. So, mold the situation as per the need. When your first line is interesting, it will catch judges’ attention.

He will enjoy reading it rather than duty. Good content of writing is only one that can be enjoyed. Judges have to read so many stories at once. When they come up with an interesting one, it grasps all their attention.

And if your starting line will be boring, it always creates a barrier. No doubt your content is very good and informative. But informative content is not everything. You have to engage the judge. And hook sentences always play a role in making your content inspiring.

The use of a hook sentence is a skill. Not everyone can do this. If you have this skill, you are genuinely blessed. But if you lack this skill, it’s still not a problem. You can work on this. Ph.D. dissertation writing service at Academic Papers can polish your skill under the supervision of professionals.

5.     Hit the Action

In a writing competition, you are bound to a limited word count. In that limited word count, you cannot write long paragraphs. And always plotting twists is also not feasible. So, you have to hit the action straightaway. Do not go for long background information.

But, the good practice is that hit the action at the start. Wind up background information in a few lines and start the main aspect of writing. When you write two to three paragraphs just for creating the scene, you lose most of your word count.

At last, you also have to conclude the story. In this scenario, you are left with less word count to discuss the actual aspect.

6.     Ensure Goal of Characters

In writing, you will have one or more characters. In the case of one character, it is easy to handle the complication. You can set a goal for that character in an easy way. Like every person have some basic needs. It can vary from water to a successful company.

From person to person, its goal also varies. For example, your character is a businessman. Here his goal can be a successful business.

When you set a goal for your character, it helps you drive the story in a good way. The goal of character also shows its importance. And it becomes clear that what the purpose of writing is. A persuasive goal and its achievement make the judges happy. Try not to come up with unwanted results.

7.     Fuel the Plot

In your writing, you have to add three main parts. The first one is the introduction. It includes background information and the objective of the writing. The second part is of explaining the body. Here, you have to add logical and relevant information that hit the action straight away.

And lastly, you have to conclude your writing. In all three parts, divide your word count sensibility. Also, do not skip any part. All of the three parts have a particular role.

For example, if you skip the introduction, it will be confusing. Because you cannot assume that judge already knows about it. What if he does not have an idea? He would not understand the rest of the content. You will surely go out of the row of winners.

That is how the introduction is important. But do not waste so much word count in the introduction. Wind it up in 2 to 3 lines. Now explaining the body is the main part. Use most of the word count on it and fuel the plot. And lastly, righteously conclude your topic. Cut down all the irrelevant and extra information.

8.     Reaction of Every Action

The reaction is the essence of writing. When you add the action of your story’s character, there should be its reaction. If you skip reaction, your writing will be useless. It will leave a vague image. As discussed above, that action of character matters a lot.

And every action reacts. This reaction part is the decision-making point. No doubt it is the most difficult part to handle in writing.

You can check the sample of Ph.D. dissertation writing service at Academic Papers. From there, you can see how to handle this part. This part must be as important as the action part is. Without action, you cannot mention its reaction. Same as if you have mentioned action, there must be a reaction.

9.     Spike the Ending

You should undoubtedly use most of the word count on the main part of explaining the body. But you cannot ignore the importance of ending. Suppose you are bound in the word count of 2000. Here you cannot use 500-word counts to end the writing.

You do not need much for it. But it does not mean you can do it in two to three lines. You need proper space for it. Everything else can be done with some effort. But conclusion? It is the most difficult part. After reading your story, judges always expect a perfect ending. It should meet the designed objective and issue at the start. And it should satisfy the judge.

You can practice this with the assistance of a Ph.D. dissertation writing service at Academic Papers. Here experts can give you some tips to conclude anything perfectly. By following all the mentioned tips, you can surely win the writing competition 2022.

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