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Teardrop advertising flags

11/20/2020 12:00 AM by Hostroy Digital Services in Business

Teardrop Flags Is Great For Advertising Your Business

Teardrop flag banners are extremely popular with businesses because they're easy to carry, easy to store, and can easily be used as either a corporate logo or a personal message. You have the ability to have a large banner that you'll proudly display on your company's business card. Here are a few great tips for using a teardrop flag as a corporate emblem or as a very special, personalized piece of promotional material.

Size - The standard flag is usually eight feet by sixteen feet (with some smaller variations) and comes in two sizes: six-foot (for a school bus driver's window sticker) or ten-foot (to fit your logo on the side of a truck, airplane, and another moving vehicle). Teardrop promotional flags also come in two larger sizes, measuring from the bottom to the top of your flag: fourteen feet and twenty-four feet, giving you a handy, yet still an eye-catching item of advertisement space. They also come with different sized "teardrop" windows that can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Colors - You can find teardrop flags in blue, green, red, white, yellow, and any other color of your choice, but a common color of teardrop flags is white, as it's a fairly neutral color that's easy to find and apply to any sort of surface. Teardrops, however, don't go well with very dark colors (darker than white, at least), so it's probably best to avoid them when planning to use them for advertising. On the other hand, teardrops are also known to attract bees.

Application - If you're planning to use your teardrop flag to advertise for your company or your business as a whole, you should carefully plan where to place your banner. While it's true that they're generally small, you don't want your banner to be the focal point on the outside of a large building. If possible, place your banner away from windows, so that it won't take up too much space on a crowded highway entrance or at the side of a moving vehicle.

Make Sure To Make Your Teardrop Unique - When using these small flags for advertising purposes, don't try to get creative with them! Instead, create a look that will make people remember your company and your business for a long time to come.

Use a Color Scheme That Combats A Theme - You may also want to incorporate the colors of your business or product into your banner. It can be fun to mix and match your colors with your company's logo, which you may already have. Some ideas include using white and red for a greeting card business, green and black for a green drink company, and so on. Make sure that your banner and your logo are as complementary to each other as possible.

Be As Bright And Beautiful As Possible - One of the reasons why a teardrop banner looks so great is how it's made. Because they are made out of plastic, they're incredibly durable and have a high degree of resilience and durability, so that they'll not only last for a long time but also provide years of excellent service and aesthetic value. Also, because the flags are small, there's a lot less room to mess up, so you can rest easy knowing that your banner will look as good in 10 years or more than it does today.

If you've ever seen an impressive Teardrop flag and thought that it was too small for your company or business, don't worry; it's perfectly fine to use one of these promotional materials for advertising purposes. They're very useful for advertising businesses and helping your company make the best impression possible.


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