what is perimeter security systems

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What is perimeter security systems

11/28/2020 12:00 AM by Hostroy Digital Services in Technology


3 Things to Know about perimeter fence security systems


Perimeter fence security systems are crucial to ensure overall protection of the border or boundary. Read more to know about the benefits & installation

3 facts about perimeter fence security systems


Everything you need to know about perimeter fence security systems


Perimeter fence security systems are crucial for the protection of all sorts of premises. These systems act as the first line of defense against the threat of potential intruders and illegal accesses. Moreover, these systems work in sync with the other components of the defense system and work to ensure the overall protection of the premises.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a perimeter fence security system.


Real-time monitoring


Firstly, security systems offer efficient monitoring. In addition to that, all the surveillance is done in real-time. This limits the need for human intervention especially patrolling. Moreover, surveillance with such security systems, especially cameras is very discreet. Any incoming threat will not know that they are being observed.

Security systems in combination with video recording mechanism supplement perimeter fence security systems even more.


Perfect fit for the current fencing


Secondly, most security systems are very flexible in their designs. They effortlessly fit any kind of fencing.  Thus, it means you will not have to expend the extra sum of money on the reinstallation of a fence that is compliant with the security system you require.

Moreover, it will add to the working of the fence and keep out all sorts of threats and keep the premises safe from burglaries, theft, and losses.


Well-established warning system


Thirdly, perimeter fence security systems come with detectors and alarms. In case of any intrusion, the alarm system activates which in turn activates the alarm system. Overall, a complete warning system works in place.

Hence, the security system and fence warning system work together to ensure the overall protection.


How are the latest perimeter fence security systems different from the old ones?


Old security systems were large and hard to install single-handedly. The latest security systems are handy and very easy to install. The following points differentiate between the two systems:

  • The latest systems are compatible with all types of fences
  • Easily integrate with the other systems such as cameras and lighting systems
  • They are portable and don’t require extra labor in terms of installation and transportation
  • Most systems work equally well with both commercial and domestic usage


What mechanisms are integrated with the perimeter fence security systems?


Perimeter security systems are very easy to integrate. Other systems such as cameras and lights easily synchronize with them. Below mentioned are some of the systems that work in sync with the perimeter system.

  • Alarm systems
  • Detectors and sensors
  • Video camera surveillance
  • Lighting systems

For lighting integration, Cast perimeter lighting is one of the favorite choices of many. These perimeter lights are robust and long-lasting. In addition to that, they are cost-effective and low-voltage.




It is a well-established fact that perimeter fence security systems efficiently supplement the protection of the perimeter and boundaries. Additionally, the latest systems have several benefits over the old security devices. Moreover, these systems also combine with lighting, video surveillance, and alarm systems.

If you want to equip your perimeter with robust lighting, Contact us!

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