How to measure ppc campaign success

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How to measure ppc campaign success

01/08/2021 12:00 AM by Hostroy Digital Services in Seo

How To Track And Monitor PPC Ad Campaign? Find The Top Performance Metrics


PPC campaigns are always measurable. You can easily turn the lights on for your ad campaign performance by measuring different angles and different metrics of the campaign. These include cost-per-click, cost-per-conversion, click-through rate, quality score, search impression share, bounce rates, and conversion rates. To get a bottom line of your business performance, having a clear idea about all these aspects is very necessary.

Are you new to this PPC marketing technique? Don't worry. Reading out the article you will get an overview of the factors that if measured can draw a picture of your PPC ad campaign performance. Before reaching out to the experts of your PPC marketing company in Delhi, make sure you have sufficient knowledge of this.

Different performance metrics to track and monitor in your PPC ad campaign

  1. Cost per conversion: Cost per conversion is defined as the money you have spent to gain a new customer and generate leads. CPC helps you to frame out your budget to turn out the PPC campaign budget-friendly. For example, if your cost per conversion is higher than the money you earn from every new lead, you can create your budget wisely. Keeping track of CPC and make your investments perfectly.


  1. Click-through rate: Click-through rate is considered the most important metric that needs to be monitored with high priority. It defines the number of clicks generated by a single ad running on a platform. This gives an idea about the number of interested individuals, gaining an insight into the target audience. To find out the number of impressions, bounce rates, and conversions, this particular metric is the most needed factor.


  1. Quality score: Quality score defines the combined performance of the keywords, ads, and landing pages. By obtaining the scorecard, you get an insight into how well Google crawls and views your ads and how relevant the keywords are. The better the views, the better the relevancy, the higher is the quality score. A good quality score implies higher rankings of the website on SERPs. It also implies that your CPC has dropped and ROI has increased.


  1. Search impression share: Search impression share is the percentage of a total number of times the ad has been displayed on Google in comparison with the time strength the ad was predicted to be displayed. The figure is defined as impressions. The higher the number of impressions, the better is the brand reputation and brand recognition. Quite obvious, isn’t it? Suppose, if you expect 50 impressions, but you obtain 100 impressions. It means you gain 50 impressions more.


  1. Bounce rates: Bounce rates are the percentage of users leaving the site without making any kind of action. Suppose a user clicks the ad, visit the landing page, but leave the site without performing any action or making any purchase. This is calculated as the bounce rate. The lesser the bounce rates, the better is the brand impression.


  1. Conversion rates: Conversion rates are calculated as the percentage of people getting converted and making a purchase decision by viewing the ad. If the user clicks on the ad, visit the landing page, and find it interesting to get converted or perform the specified action, it is calculated as a conversion. Now, the user doesn't need to be converted into a buyer. He can just be a quality lead, subscribing to the channel, filling up the registration form, requesting to get a quotation, and so on. But all these give rise to high conversion rates.



It’s easy to gain positive results through a PPC ad campaign. But of course, for this you need to keep an eye on every step you take, every comment you pass, every activity you perform online. Look for the best PPC monitoring tools that are good at analyzing the overall campaign and showing accurate results. Without this tracking and monitoring step, it is really hard to bring out the desired result you want.

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